• Welcome To Traintech Electronics Pvt. Ltd

  • Welcome To Traintech Electronics Pvt. Ltd

  • Welcome To Traintech Electronics Pvt. Ltd

About Us

Traintech Electronics Private Limited is an Engineering solution company. We specialize in – Design, Development, and Manufacturing of various locomotive assemblies and sub-assemblies mainly for Indian Railways (Rolling Stock).

Traintech Electronics Private Limited was established in August 2016 in Bangalore, the IT Capital of India. The company focuses on developing high end embedded control solutions for rail domain and is peerless in its spectrum of working. The company is managed by professionals having vast experience in industries directly related to Railways,  and Defense and is credited to have a team of dedicated, skilled and motivated people, the company is poised to enter into International market.

Traintech Electronics

For general inquiries, technical support, or assistance with our products and services, please reach out to our helpline through the following contact options:

Our Products

Our products are engineered to enhance safety, efficiency, and passenger experience in rail transportation.


Driver Display Unit (DDU) used in 3-Phase Electric Locomotives of WAP5, WAP7, WAG9 & WAG9H classes being operated by Indian Railways. The DDU is a man machine interface device able to communicate with locomotive control system through MVB.


Locomotive Diagnostic System (LDS-05) is a portable tool designed around a Pentium class processor,having MVB interface gateway which can communicate with MICAS-S2 electronics of three phaselocomotives.


BUR Power Supply …KU C153 A02: This is presently a backplane mounted power supply having its own heat sink. The machine room air passing through the BUR rack cools this module. The board provides 5 output voltages, viz. +5V DC, +15V DC and +24V DC.


The Diagnostic Terminal fault indication is a robust terminal device constructed for harsh environments. A special wide temperature electronic ,a wide temperature LCD (4*40 characters, LED backlight) and switch panel {max 32 keys} with EMI protection are used to meet the EN50155 and the IEC 801-x specification.

IGBT Speed Sensor

The Hall effect active speed sensor is powered by the power supply from the IGBT based traction control electronics ( 8 to 32 VDC ) and output pulse amplitude shall be maintained strong under very adverse conditions like ingress of grease, increase of air gap, misalignment of motor shaft etc.

UF B660 A01:

UF B660 is a redundant multi-channel [5 channels] MVB star coupler with optical output. It has REGA ASIC for signal regeneration, which needs to be replaced with an equivalent functionality programmable logic. UF B660 A01 is mounted in VCU1 & VCU2 and provides MVB optical outputs to two traction converters & three auxiliary converters, besides interconnecting between VCUs.

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Our Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Srinivasan P C

Director & CEO

Santosh Naganur

Managing Director & CTO


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Quality service and good company.

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